Left Speechless by Sierra Hull at The Heath




There are a few ways a person can find themselves walking into seeing an artist live for the first time. There's planning for a first ever live show, there's discovering a show at the last minute by an artist one already knows and likes, and, there's going into a show with no pre-existent knowledge of the artist whatsoever. Ideally, regardless of the reasons that bring someone into an audience, the aspiration is that everyone leaves happy and wanting to relive the experience.

ccasionally though, there's a combination of circumstances that mix together, leaving an impression so strong, and so positive, that there are almost no words to explain what one just witnessed, even if they walked in knowing to some extent that it was going to be a good show. That very kind of concert was the one put on by Sierra Hull (mandolin), Ethan Jodziewicz (double bass), and Justin Moses (mandolin, banjo, Dobro, backing vocals), last night at The Heath within The McKittrick Hotel in New York City.

The only stop in New York state along a lengthy string of tour dates before returning for the Grey Fox Festival in July, Hull will be traveling across the United States through September for an assortment of gigs that span the hectic energy of festivals like Red Wing, Telluride, Four Corners, and more, to the downright intimate, like what listeners got to experience courtesy of The Heath.