Sierra Hull Takes the Wheel on The Journal of Roots Music: No Depression

Sierra was featured on No Depression's website in an article detailing her journey in music.

"In a video interview with ReverbNation, Hull speaks about her musical development. “I grew up playing bluegrass music. I got my first Alison Krauss recording when I was nine years old.”  She has built her current vocal and musical style on a foundation of bluegrass music without which she wouldn’t have become the musician she’s evolved into. “As I’ve gotten older,” she says, “I’ve been all over the map” seeking inspiration. More recently, she’s focused increasingly on the mandolin and her own voice in a solo setting. She’s transitioned from being in a band, where the mandolin plays a specific musical role, to the freedom solo work both allows and demands. “Playing solo, I found myself asking how can I figure out a way to incorporate different elements into my playing to fill out the song ... to color melody lines beneath the voice ….”