Sierra Hull Mesmerizes at Guthrie


With a full moon rising, Sierra Hull took the stage at the 21st Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival, a lawn-full of bluegrass music enthusiasts waiting and watching.

It is not new news that Hull’s inspiration comes from the voice and style of Alison Krauss. Sierra cut her teeth on bluegrass music, and has constructed her own style and tradition on the roots of the music that initially grabbed her attention. With bluegrass music as her firmest foundation, an exploration of other acoustic styles and a music school education has allowed her to evolve into the musician that she is today. She say that starting out with a band, and more recently pursuing a solo career, has provided her greater freedom. “I have been all over the map searching for my inspiration.” Inspiration might simply be one of the words to describe her performance that Saturday evening in Guthrie, OK.