No Depression | What's Been On Sierra Hull's Weighted Mind?

A great read on Sierra in No Depression. We love the way the way writer Kim Ruehl describes the cover art in their piece...

"It's worthwhile, too, to pause and consider the exceptional cover art that comes with this album. We see Hull dragging a bust of herself in a wagon. The version of her that pulls the wagon is dressed like a roots music hipster, in high heeled boots. On the wagon, though, she's draped in black lace, flawlessly made up, with large ornate earrings. The look on her face is receptive but suspicious, as if she's listening to something she's not sure she believes. Out of the back of her head spin gears and instruments, wings, butterflies, a heart, a crown, the world. In the background, a comet shoots through the sky, below a thick cloud cover that could either be a storm gathering or dissipating, or both. One road leads to a small, neat white house that stands against the shade of a large tree. Another road leads into the darkness. No matter, though -- Hull is dragging herself past all of it, to somewhere unseen in the image. 

Its with this metaphor-packed image that we began our conversation."  -- NO DEPRESSION