How bluegrass prodigy Sierra Hull turned frustration into inspiration

By Chrissie Dickinson

"Many people ask me what I call the music I'm playing," Hull says. "It's original music with a bluegrass foundation. Though inspired by a lot of other kinds of music, everything I do will be built upon that base. I'm really proud to have grown up being a part of bluegrass. That will always be home for me."

It was Krauss who first suggested that Hull consider approaching Fleck to produce. She pointed out that the acclaimed banjo player had a masterful touch when it came to producing vocals and there was nothing he didn't understand about music.

A few months later, the stars aligned and Hull bumped into Fleck at an awards show. He agreed to meet with her to discuss the project. Hull played him the earlier tracks she'd recorded with a full band. Fleck thought the songs, musicianship and singing were good, but felt the performances didn't take the listener on a journey. He also thought that Hull's essence was covered up in the mix of instruments.