MerleFest week - Alan Jackson and Music City Roots

Sierra has a big week on tap, beginning tonight with Music City Root's special MerleFest show.  MCR puts on this show every year featuring artists who will be appearing on MerleFest later in the week. You can stream the show live here. Sierra and band are performing this show tonight, but she's gonna miss the finale, because as soon as her set is over, she is running to meet the bus to MerleFest as she's playing mandolin on Alan Jackson's set on Thursday night.  You might remember Alan released "The Bluegrass Sessions" album last fall and is performing those songs at MerleFest.  Should be a show to remember.

The fun doesn't stop there though, on Saturday night Sierra rounds out the weekend at the Charm City Bluegrass Festival with a band set as well as a late night set as part of the Everyone Orchestra.