Jake Stargel joins Sierra Hull & Highway 111

Sierra and the band are excited about their new guitar player, Jake Stargel, who brings loads of experience at the ripe old age of 21.  Jake was formerly with the band Mountain Heart and he has done stints with The Lovell Sisters, The Greencards and also with Bearfoot.

Jake is a native of Georgia and was named the Georgia Flat-picking Champion as a very young teen. He continues to blaze a trail to become one of the masters of his instrument.  In addition to the guitar, Jake plays piano, mandolin, mandola and electric guitar. Jake's intensity, fire, and unbelievable musicianship are the stuff legends are made of!

The band is thrilled to have Jake as part of the group. Sierra expressed it in this way, "Jake has always been someone that I thought I would love to be able to play in a band with.  He has amazing musical sensibility, which is really important when playing in a band.  Hearing him play makes me only want to get better, and I think that's the ideal band member in many ways -- someone that makes you want to grow!"