The 3 B's

So I've had the last 6 days off the road to enjoy some time with my family back in Byrdstown and also some time to get more settled at my new townhouse in Brentwood. I really like living here and I feel so happy to be back in Tennessee. (Seems like I can only live in cities/towns that start with the letter B - From Byrdstown to Boston to Brentwood, which made me think of the 3 B's) I am really excited to visit Boston again in a couple months (for a couple gigs in Sept.), but I am so happy to be within a couple hours of my family and many friends. Yesterday, I finally cooked for the first time since moving in! I had bought some really pretty Paula Dean skillets and pots for the place and finally got to try 'em out! With any job that travels a lot, you have to eat out so much you eventually just grow tired of it. I feel like the guys and I have ate at every standard place you can think of on the road about 50+ times. Just to be home long enough to cook feels nice! We're headed to Dayton, Ohio this weekend to play at the City Folk Festival. Last week we spent in California. Christian was SO happy to be back in his home state, his first time since moving out to Tennessee. We had beautiful weather and a great time at Live Oak Folk Festival in Santa Barbara, Huck Finn Bluegrass Festival in Victorville, and The Hotel Cafe in L.A. While out in Beverly Hills we go to visit Concord Music Group the label that now owns Rounder Records. Concord has some amazing artists under their label and I feel so lucky to just be associated with such nice people. They hooked us up with some of their latest releases which I've been mostly listening to since that trip - James Taylor, James Taylor & Carol King, Paul McCartney, John Mellencamp, Paul Simon, The Cars, Esperanza Spalding and a few others!

Anyways - just wanted to drop a quick line. I better get to work! Lots to do before heading out again.

More soon... :)