Jolly Ol' England

Hello friends from London! Having a great trip so far! I'm currently sitting in the hotel drinking a cafe' mocha (from room service - pretty good! :) and listening to some British music. The trip has gotten off to a wonderful start. Had a whole day on Saturday to adjust and enjoy some sights after arriving late Friday night. This being my first trip to England, there's a lot that I've wanted to do and see, so it's great to have some free time mixed in alongside the work/real reason for the trip. I'll try to post some pictures when I get back home and actually have a chord to upload the pictures from my camera to the computer. The album hasn't been released here in the UK yet, but looks like it will be coming out on July 4th. Feels so funny to say "the album will be coming out..." when it already feels like it's been out a while for me! Anyways, the weather was beautiful on Saturday and was perfect for exploring. Today was quite rainy, but I'm hoping tomorrow, since I have the morning off, it will be nice out and I can take a guided bus tour that will visit most of the popular London sights.

To Be Continued....