A Little Mudd Never Hurt Nobody

Hello from DelFest in Cumberland, Maryland!

The guys and I have been here the past two days hanging out listening to some great music and sloshing through the muddy fields! We played two sets here this weekend. One yesterday and one today. Yesterday, we made it off the Grandstage just before the rain hit. The Travelin' McCoury's w/ special guest Ronnie Bowman played right after us and put on a really great show, but unfortunately had to cut the set a little short and make a run for it when the rain and lightening came busting in. After the rain had done its do, we pretty much needed a canoe to get back to the van! However, today the sun was beaming down, and the the fans up here definitely aren't afraid of a little dirt, or rain for that matter! :) My boots are terrible looking after this weekend! Check 'em out!! Needless to say, I'm so thrilled we got to be part of this wonderful festival. We love Del and all the McCoury's and hope we can come back again sometime!

Since my last post, I've officially moved from Boston and am about to move into my new place near Nashville after this trip! I'm really pumped. I'm not sure when I'll actually end up having time to do much though! We've got a busy next few weeks ahead of us! I'm flying to London on Friday for about 5 days to do some promo for the new album. I've never been to England, so I'm really looking forward to the trip! I'll try to post more on that soon!

Oh - and before I forget...We went into the studio last week and recorded and filmed 3 songs for a live in the studio video for Rounder and CMT.com. We did two songs from the new album and a cover song by Adele. More details on that to come soon as well!

We head out bright and early for Nashville tomorrow. It'll be a long trip home, but I'm thrilled I'm just able to be part of the road trips these days and I'm not flying EVERY weekend!

Anyways - I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Til next time...