What Do You Say?

Good people! It’s been a whirlwind of events since the last blog last month! There is no way I’ll be able to cover everything, so I’m going to start at the present and do some rewinding.

I’m currently with the band riding down the road headed to Delaware where we will play a show tonight at the Grand Opera House. On this trip so far, we’ve played in Rockville, MD at the Institute of Musical Tradition and last night in Roanoke, VA at Kirk Avenue Music Hall. It’s so wonderful being so busy this month in support of the new album. It’s been such a busy time, I’ve barely had time to think, but I am so blessed with everything that’s been happening to say the least. Daybreak was finally released! It feels so great to have some new music out there for you guys to hear and so wonderful for the band and I to have new songs to perform live. It truly is a breath of fresh air! Of course, I’m already feeling the excitement of what the next album will bring. It’s interesting to make an album, wait for it to come out, and then when it finally does, it feels like the next chapter in the book and I can’t help but want to read ahead some times. That’s good to some degree I suppose, but it’s important for me not to get too ahead of myself. I’ve come to find that the more I tend to do that, the more distracted I become from enjoying this wonderful ride that God is allowing me to be on. I am so thankful for his grace and for allowing me to do what I love. I know that He will lead me exactly where I’m supposed to be.

This month we had the record come out of course, and we have done some fun things as well. We shot a music video for the song “Easy Come, Easy Go”, which can be seen here on the website, or you may be able to catch it on CMT or GAC. It was my first video, and I really enjoyed getting to work with so many wonderful people. We shot it at Two Rivers Mansion in Nashville and worked with director, David McClister. Just last week we officially celebrated the release of the album with a release show in Nashville at the Belcourt Theater, followed by a private party and release event at ASCAP the next evening. It was SO wonderful to see so many great friends out for that show, including my mom, granny, aunt, and friend, Jesse.

In other thought, I’ve also been super busy around the new album doing tons of interviews and when touring as much as we have been recently, I’ve started to realize how little it takes to wear out the voice. Even as I write this, I have to remember not to be using my voice so much just talking and goofing off with the guys. And well, when you talk as much as I tend to, it’s easy to forget. It’s really made me realize how important it is to get plenty of rest, eat well, stay hydrated, and to try not to overuse my voice.

Throughout the rest of this trip, we are headed back to VA tomorrow for a show at Mockingbird Roots Music Hall in Staunton, then on to Sellersville, PA for a show with the Seldom Scene at the Sellersville Theater. Then, we’ll head to Corbin, KY for a show at The Arena opening for the legendary George Jones, and then after a much needed day off, we will be playing on Woodsongs in Lexington, KY at the Lexington Theater. After that, I’ll get to fly back to Boston after being away for over three weeks! I’m really looking forward to seeing all my friends. I can’t say, however, that I’m looking forward to making up the mid-terms that I missed, but hey! I’m lucky to be able to go to such an amazing school, much less one that will allow me to tour as much as we do. I won’t complain!! :)

Anyways – well, looks like we are getting close to the venue, so I’m going to say goodbye for now! I’ll be compiling some photos from our recent journey for a little photo blog, and Christian will have a couple “On the Road” video blogs coming soon as well! Be sure to check back to the website often for updates! Thanks as always for reading!

God Bless,